Designing for Motion and Animation with Sketch

lundi 3 avril 9h00 Salle IBM

Good design moves you. Er, I mean, good design *moves*. But designing and executing an entire app’s worth of animations while staying sane takes one thing: planning. We’ll start in Sketch, my favorite screen design app, and explore outward with a handful of real-world examples. Expect a peek at:

  • Planning and prepping inside your .Sketch file
  • Prototyping motion with tools like InVision and Principle
  • Exporting (and understanding) the perfect SVG
  • Creating simple animations in the browser (SVG, CSS, JS)
  • Scripting animations, plugins, and advanced techniques
  • Q&A along the way, participate!


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Clark Wimberly

Engineer, Swappa

Clark lives on a literal rollercoaster of startups, product design, and goofy side projects. Most recently he built, designed for InVision, and engineered a tastier experience at Swappa. You can find him most often loafing around in Austin, TX, along with Angie, his wife slash partner-in-crime.