AI & the future of the political party

Jeudi 11 avril 2019 9h00
Salle Principale LGS Intelligence artificielle/augmentée

For the past six years, our team has been working on an OSS tool for citizen engagement called Polis, now in use by governments and political parties around the world. Through case studies and a brief introduction to the kinds of problems in governance which may prove to be amenable to machine learning, we’ll consider possible near and far future democratic systems inspired by advances in computing.

Colin Megill


Colin Megill is co-creator of, an open source platform for gathering large-scale, open-ended feedback analyzed by machine learning methodologies in real time. Polis has enabled ministries in multiple national governments (Canada, Taiwan, Singapore) to leverage data science, and to begin developing novel and innovative strategies for public engagement.

His work has been featured in MIT Technology Review, The Guardian, Civicist, and Wired, as well as recent books published by Penguin and Harper Business. His work in science – most notably in the development of which won the 2017 Open Science Prize – has been featured in multiple publications, including Quartz and The Atlantic. He is a passionate father and home school educator to three daring little boys.