Designing brands that last

Jeudi 11 avril 2019 15h00
Salle Design Libéo Branding

Many industries and large organizations are in relatively short cycles of design and redesign. This is expensive and often makes products and brands incoherent. Design and brand can have remarkable long term impacts on business and the world when tied to the authentic, long term goals.

Ben will speak about the process of creating brand systems for some of the most strangely complex sports brands in the world from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics to century-old organizations like the Canadian Olympic Team and National Sport Organizations. Each brand foundation has been intimately tied to the high level mission. The results have been surprising. Generating revenue. Saving money. Increasing recognition, partnerships, and pride. And, some would even say, winning medals.

Let’s design brands that last.

Ben Hulse

Brand Designer, Hulse & Durrell

Ben Hulse is a creative entrepreneur with over 15 years experience building international brands. He is a partner at Hulse & Durrell, a Vancouver-based design firm that develops brands, products, and films for ambitious organizations that want to make a lasting impact. Their client list includes the International Olympic Committee, the Canadian Olympic Team, NBC Sports, and Square, to name a few.

Ben is also an executive producer and music composer on Design Canada, a documentary film that follows the transformation of a nation from a colonial outpost to a vibrant and multicultural society, through the lens of graphic design.