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mardi 28 mai  |  de 10:30 à 11:15

Do you really listen?

Cette conférence sera donnée en anglais.


This is a 45 minute talk with interactive moments where people can reflect on their listening style.

At school we learn to read and write - yet practicing and attuning to how we listen is rarely practiced. Listening is fundamental to Design. We talk a big game about empathy and understanding users' needs so let's take time to reflect and intentionally practice our skills as listeners.

You will practice:

  • Being grounded and present during conversations
  • How to listen when lots of thoughts are floating around in your head
  • How to listen not to understand not to respond
  • Ways to facilitate an open, focused and creative listening style amongst teams
  • Ways to create a conversation environment hears all voices
  • Clarity and consciousness in listening and responding

If you do any type of research or are just a human out in the world - let's do everyone a favor by taking the time to reflect and improve how we listen.

La conférence est présentée par Alex Rust.

Salle 1 Cossette

Alex RustDirector of Listening ProgramsIdeas with Moxie

As Director of Listening Programs, Alex is a practitioner of communication and the mind-body connection. With her background as an actress, experience as a yoga teacher, and work as a coach she brings several approaches to team connection, listening & theater workshops. Alex is passionate about discovering the dynamics in each situation that connect individuals and teams. She regularly facilitates workshops and talks in North America and Europe.