Enter a new world of web development where everything is serverless

Mardi 10 avril 2018 11h15
Salle Développement Levio

The good old times where a text editor and an FTP client were enough to fulfill your web development needs are over! With the rise of containers and microservices and new concepts like serverless everything got much more complex. Fear not we’ll dive into the concepts and you’ll see which parts you can already adopt today! Everyone is talking about containers and serverless but barely anyone is using it in production. Let’s dive in together into the new world of web development.

Bastian Widmer

System Engineer, amazee.io

Bastian works as System Engineer at amazee.io, where we strive to make hosting of web applications as easy as possible. We strongly believe in the concept of open source and released the code of our container in production build system Lagoon free to the public.
The nature of his internet-centric position makes him very aware that we need to safeguard the openness and neutrality of the internet on a global scale. This is also why he engages in several groups in Switzerland to work on issues related to net neutrality, security, and surveillance.

Outside of his job, Bastian dedicates much of his time to organizing various conferences and gatherings such as TEDxBern, DevOpsDay Zurich, DrupalCon. Bastian is passionate about Architecture, Circular Economy, the future of work, the digital revolution and the impact on society itself.

When he is not doing work or projects that are closely related to computers, he is very passionate about nature such as hiking and piloting his paraglider through the swiss alps. Apart from that, he likes to travel around the world to meet likeminded people learning how their communities are different from others and how we can learn and adapt from each other.