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mardi 28 mai  |  de 16:00 à 16:45

GA4 Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Digital Marketing Skillset

Cette conférence sera donnée en anglais.


As Digital Marketers, we need to understand not just onsite customer behavior but also how customers found our site in the first place. Finding these insights can be the difference between a good or poor customer experience, encourage repeat customers, optimize your site for conversion, and more. Google Analytics 4 helps you do just that, but to make the most of it, Krista will show you the tips and tricks that will take your GA4 game from beginner to advanced.

La conférence est présentée par Krista Seiden.

Salle 1 Cossette

Krista SeidenPrincipal Digital Analytics Consultant & Chief InstructorKS Digital

Krista Seiden is the Principal Digital Analytics Consultant & Chief Instructor with KS Digital, an analytics consultancy she founded in 2019, helping businesses make the most of their investments in digital marketing and analytics. Previously, Krista was at Google for nearly 7 years, where she led Product Management efforts across the Google Marketing Platform and served as the external evangelist for Google Analytics. You can follow her blog at and on twitter @kristaseiden, or reach out to KS Digital at