Influencing the influencers – using the power of the crowd to get your project noticed

Mardi 4 avril 2017 13h30
Salle Communication et marketing O2 Web

Influencer marketing is much more than just the latest marketing buzz phrase. From professional reporters, to Youtube stars, to community leaders and harnessing the power of the crowd through crowd-funding platforms, Kate will speak about the opportunities to get the word out about your business on a massive scale with the minimum marketing spend. As a respected technology reporter working for the BBC for over a decade she will give an honest perspective from the receiving end about how to engage with high level influencers to get media coverage. Having run two successful Kickstarter campaigns for her own creative works, she will also give tips from personal experience about running a campaign and how that process can give you much more than just the funding to realise your business goals.

Kate Russell

Technology Reporter & Author, BBC

Journalist, reporter and author, Kate has been writing about technology and the Internet since 1995. Appearing regularly on BBC technology programme Click she also speaks at conferences and internet policy meetings and lectures in schools and universities inspiring the next generation of technologists. Her website, , won the 2015 UK Blog Awards for best individual digital and technology blog, and in June 2016, she was voted the Computer Weekly 13th most influential woman in UK IT. She also writes sci-fi and fantasy with two published novels now in stores.