Interviewing Users: Uncovering Compelling Insights

Mardi 10 avril 2018 11h15
Salle Design

Interviewing users is undeniably one of the most valuable and commonly used user research tools. Yet sometimes we forget that it’s a skill we need to learn, because
* it’s based on skills we think we have (talking or even listening)
* it’s not taught or reflected on.

People tend to ‘wing it’ rather than develop their skills. Without good interviewing skills, insights may be inaccurate or reveal nothing new, suggesting the wrong design or business responses, or they may miss the crucial nuance that points to innovative breakthrough opportunities.

This talk will cover:
* How to frame the research problem so it has the most impact
* The importance of rapport-building and listening
* Different types of questions (and why you need to have a range of question types)

Steve Portigal

Principal, Portigal Consulting

Steve Portigal helps companies to think and act strategically when innovating with user insights.

He is principal of Portigal Consulting and the author of two books: The classic Interviewing Users: How To Uncover Compelling Insights and new, Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries: User Research War Stories.

He’s also the host of the Dollars to Donuts podcast, where he interviews people who lead user research in their organizations. Steve is an accomplished presenter who speaks about culture, innovation, and design at companies and conferences across the globe.

He was born in Winnipeg, grew up in Ontario, attended University of Toronto and University of Guelph, and now makes his home in California, on the foggy coast south of San Francisco.