The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Conversational Interfaces

Mardi 4 avril 2017 8h30
Microsoft Microsoft Canada

Whether text based chat-bots or voice controlled agents, conversational interfaces are THE hot topic. Will these services ultimately gain dominance, toppling the traditional GUI and making most of us redundant, or are they flash in the pan, like the applets and widgets of old? Are conversational interfaces the new app store as Google, Facebook and Amazon hope, in which case, does that mean the current app economy has failed? As visual thinkers, are we equipped to design conversational interfaces, or will a new breed of designer emerge? Lastly, what challenges do conversations interfaces pose, not only from a usability perspective, but from a cultural, privacy and monopolistic point of view?

In this session, Andy will take a peak at the frontiers of this rapidly growing field, to explore the good, the bad and the potentially ugly side of the bot economy.

Andy Budd

Founder and CEO, Clearleft

As a renown UX Designer and CEO of Clearleft, Andy helps companies like The BBC, John Lewis and Penguin Random House with issues of digital transformation. Andy is a regular speaker at international conferences like SXSW, An Event Apart and The Next Web. He also curates the UX London, dConstruct and Leading Design conferences. In 2011, Andy cofounded the Brighton Digital Festival, a citywide celebration of digital culture attracting 40,000 visitors and over 190 events. Andy is a serial entrepreneur, dabbles with Angel investing and mentors at Seedcamp. These are just some of the reasons his company has won Netmag Agency of the Year on several occasions, and he’s appeared on both the Wired 100 and BIMA 100 lists. Never happier than when he’s diving some remote tropical atoll, Andy is a qualified PADI dive instructor and retired shark wrangler.