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The only one of your kind in the room. Perils and opportunities.

We are solving the challenges of building and maintaining diverse teams. Slowly. As a result we find people from minority groups being the only ones of their kind in a team, project, or company. For some this is an opportunity to stand out and excel. Yet for others, particularly from under-represented minorities, it is a position of vulnerability. Being "one of a kind" stops them from bringing their whole authentic selves to work.

“I’m the only __ person here, if I say it, they won’t understand.” 

“If I say the wrong thing will they think it’s because I’m a __ person.” 

“They only invited me because I’m a __ person.”

In this talk, Farai traces his career journey from contributor to lead, during most of which he was the only one of his kind in the room. He also shares insights from interviews he’s conducted with tech contributors and leaders around the world.

The result is a session filled with tactics that can leaders can use immediately to better understand, mentor, and sponsor the “one of a kind” folks in their teams to their full potential.

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