The PICA Protocol™: Your Prescription for Healthy, Actionable Data Storytelling

Mardi 9 avril 2019 16h15
Salle Principale LGS

Are your data visualizations inspiring action or obscuring your valuable insights? If your stakeholders are falling asleep instead of singing your praises, you may not have the tools to deliver data stories in an actionable way. This session will empower you with a powerful, proprietary data storytelling methodology that informs decisions, sparks ideas, inspires action, and makes YOU indispensable.

If you’re ready for your valuable insights to get noticed and acted upon, this is the talk for you.

After this session, you’ll be able to:
Leverage keywords to determine the objective of your visualization
Ask five foolproof questions for powerfully framing your important insights
Provide enough contextual information to ensure you’re telling the whole story
Design your visuals with brain-friendly aesthetics best practices

Lea Pica

Data Storytelling Evangelist,

Lea Pica is a seasoned digital analytics practitioner, social media marketer, and blogger with over 13 years of experience building search marketing and digital analytics practices for companies like Scholastic, Victoria’s Secret, and Prudential.

Today, she teaches data storytelling to thousands of analysts and marketers, hosts the popular Present Beyond Measure Podcast, and blogs over at She is the creator of the PICA Protocol™, her practical prescription for delivering data stories that inform decisions, spark ideas, inspire action, and make YOU indispensable.

She has headlined conferences such as Digital Summit, Digital Analytics Hub, SearchLove, ConversionXL Live, Domopalooza, Web Analytics Wednesday, and eMetrics, alongside speakers like Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds, Jim Sterne, Adam Greco, Tim Wilson, and other revered digital marketing and analytics thought leaders.