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mardi 15 juin  |  de 10:00 à 10:45

Quantum Computing: An Introduction

Quel est le potentiel de l'informatique quantique? (Conférence en anglais seulement)

For almost 40 years, quantum computing has intrigued and amazed scientists and non-scientists in its future possibility for solving problems that are intractable using classical computing. Over the last five years, IBM has made real quantum computers available on the cloud so that clients, students, and researchers can begin to learn and experiment with this new way of computing.

We'll see what potentials exist in various industries, the state of quantum computing today, and how you can get on the right path to make the earliest use of this rapidly evolving technology.

La session de Sean Wagner est présentée en anglais.


Wagner SeanResearch ScientistIBM

Sean Wagner is a Research Scientist and a Quantum Ambassador at IBM. When he's not programming and experimenting with Qiskit, Sean spends his time working with researchers at academic institutions and industry partners in Canada on projects involving high-performance computing, computer architecture, and data science and AI.