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jeudi 26 mai
de 09:00 à 10:00

Woke-Washed: The Collision of Social Movements and Marketing

In the midst of modern civil rights movements, more companies than ever are publicly aligning their brands with ongoing causes for LGBTQ equality, racial justice, the environment, women’s rights, and more.

From rainbow sneakers for pride month, blog posts from CEOs on racial justice, eco-friendly messaging to help consumers protect the environment, and feminist deodorant ads promoting women’s equality, the age of “woke” marketing has reached a crescendo.

Brands are driven to act by belief-driven buyers, held accountable by cancel culture and employee activism, and ultimately caught in the maelstrom of social movements and marketing colliding.

What’s been missing from the conversation are the humans whose health, safety, and lives depend on these social movements. It’s time to center them in the conversation and ask ourselves - what are the unseen risks of woke-washed marketing? Where is the opportunity for authentic allyship?

In this talk from “unapologetic marketing truth-teller” Katie Martell, you’ll hear:

  • The dangerous risks of performative brand allyship
  • Examples of lip service and legitimate brand support
  • An actionable framework to guide brand stewards 
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Katie MartellOwnerRabble Rouser Productions

Katie Martell is an “unapologetic marketing truth-teller.” Her forthcoming book and documentary Woke-Washed explores the collision of marketing and social movements. Katie serves on the board of Pride in Our Workplace and is an evangelist for digital accessibility with Perkins Access.  With experience as a CMO and entrepreneur, today she partners with brands including Oracle, Adobe and more to amplify stories of transformation, marketing and customer experience. Katie has appeared on stages across the US and internationally for her perspective on the evolving world of marketing, amassing 150k followers and appearing in publications including Adweek, CNBC, Forbes, WSJ, NYT, and more. Katie was named “one of the most interesting people in B2B marketing" an Adweek Pride Star and a top voice in marketing on LinkedIn 3X. She bats cleanup and plays third base on her softball team in Boston, MA. Follow her on Twitter @KatieMartell and subscribe to The World’s Best Newsletter at